Sacramento Lead Generation

What is Lead Gen, you might ask? Well it’s actually very simple.

Hi my name is Jonny, and I will find customers, and send them your way = LEAD GENERATION. It’s pretty straight forward! 

So imagine I am customer that needs a plumber, where am I going to go, to get an “unbiased” search result for plumbers in my area? Google of course!

And what I do is create funnels online with your specific niche in mind. So when a potential customers goes to google and searches “YOUR CITY Plumbers” the plan is for my funnel website to be the first thing they see. And when a customer gets intrigued and wants more info, I forward their call to you, and you take it from there.


Like my crazy uncle use to say “if you’re not first, you’re last” and that’s very true when it comes to Google. I don’t know about you, but when I am searching for ANYTHING on google, if it’s not on the first page, I ain’t finding it because I wouldn’t even dare go to page 2!? In my mind those businesses are probably inferior since they aren’t on page 1

I know you’re thinking to yourself right this second, “yea I don’t think I’ve ever been to page 2 either.”
And of course there is a more methodical process to lead generation like finding the correct buyer personas, creating audiences and all that, but what matters to you, as a business owner, is new customers every week, and that’s what I can provide.

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Lead Generation Service Explanation

Sacramento SEO Agency provides professional lead generation services that can help you in cultivating an increase of potential leads for your business and ultimately lead to more profits. There are many different tools and strategies available in this digi tal era that are beneficial in generating leads for your business. You can rely on us as our experts are fully equipped with the best practices of lead generation.
The following are the main features of the lead generation services offered by Sacramento SEO Agency: